“I am always so impressed by Bobby’s talent, his positive attitude, and his willingness to collaborate with us. I am really grateful for his partnership and I am looking forward to more amazing campaigns together. He is truly a star and such an important part of our team here.”

Stephanie Jo Wu
Vice President, WW Creative Content
Sony Pictures Entertainment

“We’ve used Bobby to mix over a dozen projects now. He’s professional, has a positive attitude, is extremely fast, communicates well, and always delivers a quality product on the first round. He’s THE perfect sound guy.”

J. Chamberlin
Stickman Productions


“ I was very familiar with the audio challenges that existed in this particular campaign and Bobby’s work on the entire campaign was so above and beyond the professionalism I was expecting that I went on a quest to find out whose work it belonged to. His work was by far the most impressive solution to the challenges that I have ever experienced. Beyond that, I have had many occasions since to experience  the work he consistently does with mixing various spots and he simply knocks it out of the park every single time. Its clear that he understands what the creative teams are trying to accomplish and ultimately takes the pieces he works on to even better levels than I personally have thought possible. I can’t overstate how much value he brings to the table when getting an amazing product across the finish line.”

Robby King ~ Editor
Obscene Creative 


“Knocked it out of the park!.”

Dan Ringey ~ Director
B.A.D. FIlm Productions


“Robert brings the level of expertise and talent to a job that only a true professional can. He is an extremely talented competent musician that is exemplified by his technical abilities. As a producer and mixer he’s delivered nothing but top notch material for our projects. Do not pass up on this incredible talent!.”

Aaron M Burnett ~ Writer/Director


“I had initially worked with Bobby as an mixer/editor and was so impressed with his work that I continued to use his services on material I directed. His smarts and creative choices are surpassed only by his speed and professionalism. I will work with him again and again.”

Jeremy Kasten ~ Director/Editor
Tse Tse Fly Productions


“To put it bluntly, Bobby worked miracles on my short film THE ALL-NIGHTERS. He is a technical wizard and a creative collaborator who brings the best out in your work. Not only was he patient with some of the loose ends common with low-budgets, but he conducted every session with the attention to detail and professionalism one would expect if they were working on a big budget, high-stakes production. I can’t overemphasize how that kind of attitude buoys the entire production.

I always looked forward to my sessions with Bobby on The All-Nighters and he will be the first call I make when I begin post on my next project.”

Paul Willis ~ Writer/Director


“Bobby is an ace engineer. Recording with him always feels like a breeze. He’s continually detail oriented with valuable insight that years of experience have given him. Working with Bobby is always a pleasure.”

Nick Hyman ~ Manager, Programming and Services
Warner Bros International Branded Services


“Bobby is a gem. He has been the go-to-engineer for many of our voiceover projects. He’s got a great knowledge of Pro Tools, all aspects of sound recording, editing and mixing, and knows how to deliver exactly what the client needs. I have several clients who specifically request him to work on their projects. He knowshow to do the job – and work easily and effectively with clients. I have to admit – he’s helped us out of numerous jams while always remaining easy-going and calm. He’s truly a pleasure to work with.”

Martha Mayakis ~ Casting Director/Studio Manager
Talk Shop


“Bobby has been our preferred Audio Engineer for about 2 years now. We do a lotof multiple language voice over productions and I shutter to think of working with anyone else. He may not know Mandarin, Portuguese, or Russian, but you would think he does, given how quickly and accurately he edits the waveforms during our sessions. I can easily see that he really enjoys his work and has a lot of fun with the process. On a personal note, he is a pleasure to work with. he is a straight up good person and easy to hang with when you are waiting in the studio for talent to show.”

Gordon Barnard ~ Project Manager
Trifecta Multimedia


“Working with Bobby was truly a great experience. He understood our vision and worked tirelessly to translate that into a finished piece that we could all be proud of. Not only is he a seasoned veteran of production, but he walks you through everything he’s doing in a way even a neophyte can understand. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. From engineering to producing and then mixing, he was able to take our first two EP’s to a level I hoped for but didn’t expect. He’s easy going, but still knows how to get the best out of you for the project. He delivered a radio ready project that we’re proud to have our name on. We look forward to working with him again soon!.”

Nick Alley ~ Tri Grades


“Personal, Prompt and Professional. These are the three qualities that best describe my experience collaborating with Mr. Selvaggio. Personal is his tailoring of the experience to my needs, style and budget. I felt confident that I was in good hands from our first conversation. Prompt doesn’t even come close to describing his timeliness. He met or exceeded every one of my expectations and did so in the most timely of manners. He was also more than patient when I missed on a few of my deadlines! Professional. This is really the key differentiator in my experience with Bobby. I would stack him up against the best sound engineers in the business and I bet he would come out on top. His ear, style and skill are unparalleled in a profession completely over-saturated with weekend warriors and wannabees. A great experience from top to bottom and highly recommended!”

Brent Schraff ~ Indie Voice Over


“Bobby Selvaggio is the first person I call to mix any of my music! The fact that he is a musician really connects him with the creative side of the process and makes him and his golden ears a force to be reckoned with!”

John Curry ~ Hounds Of Jezebel


“Until you have a song mixed by a real pro of Bobby Selvaggio’s calibre, you might not realize what a huge difference the right mix makes in your recordings. Bobby has taken my songs from “decent-sounding” to something I’m truly proud of. If you want your music to sound pro and capture the vibe you’re after, you should definitely let Bobby work his magic.”

Andrew Tarr ~ singer/songwriter


“I was lucky to have met and worked with Bobby Selvaggio on an album in Florida. A few years later, It was truly a great honor for me to have my first album titled New Era mixed by such a talented producer and mixing engineer! Bobby took my self recorded tracks that were done in our mediocre rehearsal space and made the songs sound professional, powerful, and filled with life… as if recorded on a major label budget in a top notch recording studio! Since then he has been someone I turn to for advice, and feel fortunate to have become friends! I highly recommend him to every band I’ve played shows with or any artist that I meet!”

Ronald Rincon ~ Project H


“Robert (or Bobby as people who know him well call him), is a great engineer, mixer and musician. I’m quite the perfectionist and Bobby has so much patience and really cares about the end results. I recorded several songs from my debut album with him and also a couple singles and he re-mixed a couple songs that I wasn’t happy with from the original engineer. He is a MASTER editor for mixing music and this to me is really an art form and a special skill that not many people have. He remixed and slowed the BPM down for my song “Beautiful Neurosis” and with the new mix that he did, I got the song placed soon after on the CBS show “Shark” starring James Woods. Bobby is also a very talented songwriter and guitarist and I truly respect his advice and input in regards to the whole recording process.”

Michele Jusko ~ singer/songwriter


“Bobby’s mixes seem always to serve the song perfectly. They are uncluttered, clear, warm, never fatiguing to listen to, even many times repeatedly. But most importantly, Bob makes sure the song tells its story rather than drawing attention to the work of the mix engineer. He takes the approach of a mature, seasoned mixer.”

Everett Young ~ singer/songwriter/producer/engineer


“Bobby Selvaggio is someone I love having at the controls in the
recording studio. As an engineer, he has and knows the equipment to
create impeccable recordings. As a producer, he uses his creativity to
stylishly build and craft music, allowing the magic to happen. But the
best part is Bobby is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet in
this business.”

Alan Cotton ~ The Cotton Soeterboek Band


“Top notch musician, fastest editor in town, great engineer, right on producer,
cool to work with & gets the job done. Hey, even a nice guy!
Definitely a recommendation from me!”

Keith Colley ~ a very particular producer


“Bobby did a great job mixing my song – he gave it a radio-ready polish that I didn’t think my recording could achieve.”

Guy Ross ~ singer/songwriter


“Over the years i have had the chance to work with some great producers….and i can say without a doubt that bobby selvaggio is one of the best….while bringing out the best in the artist, he never loses sight of who they really are…that is what i will always remember because that quality in a person or producer is so hard to find…..its true magic!
thanks Bobby!”

Eric Durrance ~ Big Dismal/Tobacco Rd Band